vpn for iphone and all apple devices in uae

Easy setup vpn for iphone and all apple devices under 1 minute, with online support on WhatsApp, 30 Days money back guarantee, “vpn in uae” is trusted vpn provider for all users in united arab emirates

There are 2 type of guid for setup vpn on your ios(iPhone , Ipad) device : video and text, there is no diffrent in content of both

vpn for iphone in uae

visit the below video OR read the text

step 1

open "Setting" and click on "General"

step 2

Then click on "VPN"

step 3

Click on "Add VPN Configuration..."

step 4

Fill the form as below information :

Type : IKEv2

Description : vpninuae.com

Server : ikev.urvpn.in

Remote ID : ikev.urvpn.in

Username : your username

Password : your password

If you have not username and password first you need to buy it, To get your username and password click here

step 5

Turn status on and enjoy safe and unlimite web browsing


If you have any question please contact us, We always here to help :)
Email : vpninuae@gmail.com
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